Welcome to METALLUS - the world of construction sets

"I used to play with that when I was a child...". These kind of statements can be heard over and over again by all different generations, when talking about metal construction sets. After all, construction sets have fascinated boys, girls and also adults with their characteristic screwing technology, the perforated strips, angle girders, plates and a multiplicity of mechanical components since more than 115 years.

As a young boy I used to build the most fantastic constructions with Meccano together with my father. He always loved and lived this hobby. Through him I reacquired a taste for metal construction again. I decided to become distributor for METALLUS and ASHOK for Switzerland. In the Shop you will find the full range of products of METALLUS as well as several parts from ASHOK. We kindly invite you to visit the Shop and make our hobby to become yours aswell.

For suggestions, remarks or requests, please contact us.

Kind regards,

Ronald de Bruin


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